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Once again, Hubspot totally gets it. Your company blog posts should be:

  • SEO’d
  • Linked to your site content
  • Actionable
  • Interesting
  • Data-driven (re: Google Analytics)
  • Diligently researched
  • Fun
  • Good

This is why you need to hire a good writer who understands blogging and will work for you in the long term.

One of my clients thinks that the blog should be used in much the same way an Adwords campaign is used. I strongly disagree and here’s why: If your blog is just another keyword-stuffed ad for your cause, your audience will abandon you out of boredom. Like that guy at the cocktail party who only talks about himself, your blog posts will become lonely, evanescent missals.

Instead, your posts must interest and educate your audience on many topics related to your cause. A blog that addresses more than your single subject will do two things: keep your readers reading and expand the number of keyword by which you are found, and thus expand your audience.