Meet Jane

I love words. They wash over me in the shower, they dance inside my helmet as I ride my motorcycle.

I write resumes, LinkedIn profiles, bios, blog posts, newsletters, dating profiles, and online content. I also wrote Spirit Traffic about the epic motorcycle trip I took across country and am working on my next book.

About C. Jane Taylor

I am a writer, a biker, a mom, a wife, a warrior, and sometimes a bit of a chicken, but when I got the invitation from AARP to join their organization, I ripped the letter up and bought a motorcycle.

I was a high school dropout at 16, a college grad at 20, a single mom at 30. I’ve been a cook for a baroque orchestra, a sculptor’s assistant, an SEO ‘expert,’ and a yoga teacher. I started (and stopped three years later) my own welding shop. I have repaired farm equipment under the blazing sun on the Fourth of July and decorated cakes baked to resemble the Palace of Versailles on Bastille Day.

Writing has been the foundation of each of these roles. I have often played Sancho Panza to someone else’s Don Quixote. But now that my Rocinante has two wheels, I take on the windmills myself.

I live, write, and ride in Hinesburg, Vermont with my husband John who is a yoga teacher and our dog Dewey, who is also a yoga teacher.