By C. Jane Taylor

spirit traffic
A mother’s journey of self-discovery
and letting go

*Release Date: April 19, 2022

Spirit Traffic explores a woman’s terrors and triumphs on the road with the men she loves. On a 10,000-mile motorcycle trek across America, she grapples with fear, impermanence, sexuality, spirits, hot flashes, motorcycle mastery, and the prospect of an empty nest in a grand tour that simultaneously defines as it disperses her family.

*published by Magic Hill Press

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by C. Jane Taylor | Spirit Traffic

About C. Jane Taylor

I am a writer, a biker, a mom, a wife, a warrior, and sometimes a bit of a chicken, but when I got the invitation from AARP to join their organization, I ripped the letter up and bought a motorcycle.

I was a high school dropout at 16, a college grad at 20, a single mom at 30. I’ve been a cook for a baroque orchestra, a sculptor’s assistant, an SEO ‘expert,’ and a yoga teacher. I started (and stopped three years later) my own welding shop. I have repaired farm equipment under the blazing sun on the Fourth of July and decorated cakes baked to resemble the Palace of Versailles on Bastille Day.

Writing has been the foundation of each of these roles. I have often played Sancho Panza to someone else’s Don Quixote. But now that my Rocinante has two wheels, I take on the windmills myself.

I live, write, and ride in Hinesburg, Vermont with my husband John who is a yoga teacher and our dog Dewey, who is also a yoga teacher.


Taylor has written a page-galloping tale of a family’s motorcycle trek across America. Beneath her family’s turbulent love song to her son, lies her own oscillating terrors and triumphs, as she becomes one with the powerful machine between her thighs… and her sense of joy and loss, offering her only son to the world.  I was riveted to her pages. 

-Bill Schubart, author of Lila & Theron and I Am Baybie


Well, I was going to take my time with it, but it turned out to be a f***ing page turner and I gobbled it down in two days. You should be very happy. What a lovely thing you have made… This is me smiling a great big smile.

– Seth Steinzor, Poet, Author of To Join the Lost and Among the Lost


Reading Spirit Traffic was the most traveling I got to do in 2020…Your work took me so many places I’ve never been…your words made me hungry to hit the open road. I read Spirit Traffic all the way through twice, and the repeat was as enjoyable and engaging as the first. You have something really special here, and it deserves to be shared with a wider audience.

– Ethan Dezotelle, Author, Vermonter, Amateur Human