The Paleo Diet: Eat Like Neanderthal ManAnswer the question this January at the “Eat Better-Live Better-Feel Better” workshop at All Wellness. You’ll never wrestle with the word “diet” again.

A Google search on the word “diet” will give you more than 600 million results. It’s not surprising so many of us are confused about what we should eat. From Atkins to The Zone, there are fad diets for any occasion, any socioeconomic group, any time of year, or any food preference.

Let’s look at a few: The Paleo Diet suggests we eat the foods available to our pre-agricultural ancestors: Meat, fish, fowl, vegetables, fruits, roots, tubers and nuts (not necessarily a great option for vegetarians). The Skinny Bitch Diet advocates a strict vegan diet that avoids alcohol, caffeine, chemical additives and refined sugar. Not a bad idea, but the Bitch’s attitude might not be the best for your self-esteem. According to her, we should “Stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!”

The Morning Banana DietWebMD lists a dozen diets starting with the letter “M”.  My favorite of these was The Morning Banana Diet. It has taken Japan by storm ever since former opera singer Kumiko Mori announced she lost 15 pounds on the diet. The plan is simple: for breakfast have only bananas and room-temperature water. The rest of the day, eat whatever you like. Oh, except there are some restrictions: No dairy, no alcohol, no sugar, etc.

These diets are all fun and interesting, but they all seem to leave out one important aspect: Real Life!  This is where we can all use some help. And this is where Certified Health Coaches, Laura Savard and Morella Devost, come to the rescue. In their Eat Better-Live Better-Feel Better workshop, you’ll learn that what you really want to do is:

  1. Throw out everything you thought you knew about nutrition and start anew
  2. Learn the basics of real whole foods: what are they, how to shop for them and how to cook them so they taste good
  3. Understand how all of your life influences your food choices
  4. Get effective tools to make it all work for you in real time

You can have the body you want in 2012, but more importantly, you can learn how to make better health choices to last your lifetime. Sign up online.

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