David Budbill was just on The Writer’s Almanac on NPR this morning (Great poem about winter in Vermont, btw.). He is also on Facebook and Twitter. He has a nice piece about why he is on Facebook and Twitter. My answer is because he is alive. Social Media is not a passing phase like the internal combustion engine.

His answer goes into more detail:

Resistance to new technologies is an old response. Luddites–a word coined and a movement begun in the early 19th century–didn’t appear with people who refused to use computers or email. In the late 1950s I was the minister to two tiny rural churches in a farming and strip-mining area of southeastern Ohio. In one of my churches there was a bachelor farmer who did not have electricity because he thought it was a passing fad. The Rural Electrification Administration had come through southeastern Ohio in the middle 1930s.

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