Yoga and chocolate are good for romance. Those endorphins simply cannot be denied. But will they sustain a healthy relationship in the long-term?

Could couple’s yoga be the secret to ever-lasting love?

Some say humor is the secret to a good relationship; others cite shared interests, good sex, saintly patience, open communication, acceptance, etc. According to, these are the 10 secrets to a good relationship:

1. Develop a realistic view of committed relationships.
2. Work on the relationship.
3. Spend time together.
4. Make room for “separateness.”
5. Make the most of your differences.
6. Don’t expect your partner to change; but at the same time give them more of what they want.
7. Accept that some problems can’t be solved.
8. Communicate!
9. Honesty is essential.
10. Respect your partner, and don’t take him or her for granted.

Hooey. While these are all good things, it feels like there is something lacking. You know the kids’ trick where someone offers you a treat and just as you reach for it, they yank it away and shout “Psych!”? That is what this list feels like…It’s almost a gift, but not quite.

The real secret to a good relationship is praising your spouse publicly. Seriously. Studies show that praising your spouse publicly is the single most important common denominator in good, healthy, happy long-term relationships. This act is endorsed universally among many different religions, marriage counselors, therapists, self-help guides, internet searches, and television talk show hosts.

But you don’t have to believe me, just try it. You will reap its rewards. And if you want to kick it up a notch, try praising your spouse publicly while practicing couple’s yoga together in a fun, supportive atmosphere! On Valentine’s Day! With John McConnell and me!

7:30-9 pm, Valentine’s Day

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