Physical therapists are not like you and me. They have super powers and quirky ways of seeing the world. Let me explain.

One of their highest super powers is X-Ray vision. When Janet Carscadden looks at her patients, she sees beyond the surface. Certainly she is looking at the skeleton, but she also sees so much more — like behavioral patterns or even deeply held psychological blocks to health.

No. She does not have a crystal ball and the table will not magically levitate. She just has a deep understanding of the human body – you might even say she is preoccupied by it. It informs the way she sees things.

Her peers at Evolution share this vision. Here is a somewhat less mystical example: I met the other day with the Physical Therapists to discuss National Physical Therapy month and the relationship between Physical Therapy and yoga. Andrea Trombley and Alison Aiken joined Janet and I in a talk that started with some fun conversation about the new television series “The Kennedys”.

I immediately thought about Marilyn Monroe and Jackie, but Andrea thought about JFK’s back. She said “I don’t care that they are talking about the Bay of Pigs, that guy was wearing a corset!” (A medical corset is a kind of girdle used to control pelvic stability and temporarily ease back pain). “I cannot believe how much medication he took for back pain,” added Alison. The conversation turned toward other PT-related television viewing. “We watch E.R. The guy is holding the cane in the wrong hand!”

Here’s the other super power these women share: the mind-body connection. This is the power of yoga. The Physical Therapists at Evolution all prescribe yoga in their therapy exercises. This is unique.

Their therapy sessions often result in recommended behavioral modifications and custom yoga programs specifically tailored to resolve pain and improve mobility and flexibility.

Most Physical Therapists try to accomplish this with exercise alone. Not here. In their years of experience, Janet, Andrea and Alison find that their patients are much more likely to participate in their own healing when their therapy programs include yoga.

Greater participation means greater health for patients. It’s that simple. That’s the magic of Physical Therapy at Evolution.

image credits: wikipedia