Brandenburg Copperwire, Bodybuild Toodlesnoot, Benadryl Clavichord, Rumblesack Coggleswort. Nonsense. Or something potentially more elementary, my dear. These polysyllabic phrases are the random spawn of the Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator.

If you are someone who is easily amused, the Name Generator is just the ticket to help you get over the bad feelings created by a disagreement with your boss/employee/peer/spouse/computer/to do list/hangover. If you are a deep thinker, you might start to wonder about the art (or lack thereof) of this type of computer generation. Or you might just continue to be amused.

Either way, we started to wonder about the art of computer generation and things like DIY design t-shirts. Whatever happened to the days of hand-drawn design?

Mona_LisaWe did an online search and came up with things like the Kurt Rambis screen-printed T-shirt on Esty. Rambis played basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 80s and later coached the Lakers, Knicks and Timberwolves (not at the same time). Why anyone would want his image on a T-shirt is a mystery – until you see the shirt! It is a hand-drawn, old school marvel that makes Rambis look like KC from KC and the Sunshine Band. And what is not to love about that? The t-shirt design is an original work of art. It is no Mona Lisa, but we love it.

Which makes us wonder: Does a t-shirt design have to be hand-drawn by a real person (instead of a computer) in order for us to love it? Not necessarily. Like beauty, good t-shirt design (whether hand-drawn or computer generated) is in the eye of the beholder.

Thus the sources of truly creative t-shirt design can definitely include computers. After all, we, real people, are behind those computers. And computer programing is its own kind of art. Granted computer programming and graphic design are completely distinct forms of expression, but both are forms of expression. And we all know that the t-shirt is the perfect vehicle for forms of expression.

We gotta get back to it. Bumblebee Cottagecheese, Rumblesack Cuckooclock, Muffintop Coggleswort….