Hubspot published a cute little ditty about sorority girls the other day. Having gone to a hippy liberal arts college in the Berkshires, I only know about sorority girls from the movies. Hubspot makes them look like the Zen Masters of blogging. Here are the five things they teach us:

1. Know who you want.
2. First impressions count.
3. Make people feel at home.
4. Emphasize what makes you great…
5. …but don’t be ashamed of who you are.

Not only is this great advice for blogging, it’s good for parenting, business, coaching, copy writing, cooking, relationships…all things I totally rock at (thanks Delta Kappa Epsilon Hubspot). I would hasten to add thank you letters to this list.

Even as I recall the dozens of off color jokes about sorority girls, promiscuity and thank you letters, I insist that thank you notes are the keystone of Hubspot’s list. Just as networking is still the lifeblood of business on the Internet, good manners and congeniality are the foundation of networking. Thank you notes are the simplest, most endearing way to forge a genuine connection with your online audience. Think about it.

My dad, an actual rocket scientist for whom the phrase ‘It doesn’t take a rocket scientist’ was a real buzz-kill, was a great story teller. He used to tell a prosaic joke about a nun who was molested by a great ape at the zoo. Years later that nun became the mother superior at her convent. One day a young novitiate, yearning to know about the road not taken, nervously asks the mother superior what intercourse was like.

The mother superior was aghast at the inquiry. After some time and thought she answered the novitiate. “It was horrible, devastating. He never called. He never wrote…”