Sigmund Freud the ultimate marketer - image from WikipediaMy son is taking a “Psych” class this year, last night he wrote a paper about Freud. So like any good, somewhat meddlesome, mom, I picked up my Mac and Googled the good doctor. As it turns out, Freud would have been the best blogger. Not only did he invent concepts like “passive aggressive”, he was also a great marketer and the ultimate networker.

I found a goldmine about Freud in a single post, check it out: The Sigmund Freud Guide to Marketing written by Susan Giurleo, a psychologist by day; a marketing superhero by night. She built her tiny solo practice into a powerhouse with an 8-week waiting list. If you are a therapist, you should read her blog. If you are interested in marketing, you should read her blog.

Freud got to be the father of modern psychology by marketing himself. He published papers (content), he corresponded with thought leaders (blog), he lectured (Webinar, YouTube?), and he used new technology (for him this was radio, for you, maybe Twitter?).

Freud understood that good ideas that stay at home don’t spread and can’t change the world.  So spread the word using all the tools available to him at the time.  Not only was he successful in changing our understanding of the human mind, he became very wealthy in the process.  -Susan Giurleo

He got off his couch and made things happen. These days you don’t even have to get off your couch! Susan and I advocate that you take the same steps (with or without the cigar) that Freud took to achieve widespread notoriety:

  • Write – The blog is the easiest way to do this. A blog on your site has the added benefit of enticing search engines to your content. Post on other people’s blogs: answer questions, ask questions, share your expertise. If you don’t have the time or inclination to blog, hire someone to blog for you. Hire me!
  • Talk – You can do this online, but nothing really beats face-to-face. Commune with your community. Teach, mentor, share.
  • Give away information (or even products) – Your blog is a great place to do this. Or offer a free webinar, or email subscription to something helpful, educational, meaningful.
  • Use technology –  It’s here. Much of it is free (WordPress is free). Get a Facebook account – you might be able to finally connect with a wider audience, or even your kids! Freud used the radio (and even film).

Freud was not an over-night sensation. Initially people thought he was a quack. But he spent years working it. Technology makes your job easier. But it will take work. Do the work.

We have all come to know that good marketing is all about psychology. Freud is the father of modern psychology, does this, perhaps make him the grandfather of blogging?