This is the time of year for numbers: top ten lists for 2014, count down to 2015, eight candles of Hanukkah, twelve days of Christmas, five golden rings, four calling birds, three French hens…you get the picture.

For small business it’s also a time for taking stock and planning ahead. Some of us already have projections far into the future; others of us are just trying to make it to January 1st. Regardless of your degree of business acumen, we all have hopes and plans for the new year. Let’s take a look at some recommended New Year’s resolutions for small business for 2015 – and possible ways to keep them.

Huffington Post encourages, “The New Year is a chance to start fresh and make changes to bsuccessetter your personal and professional life. Start working on your business resolutions right now, adjust them as needed in the New Year, and watch them become a reality in 2015!” and gives the following essential New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Decide how to grow.
  2. Get small business certified (especially if you’re a woman, minority or veteran who owns and operates 51 percent or more of your company)
  3. Make sure your company is loan-ready.
  4. Update your technology.
  5. Have an exit strategy. Here are the details.

Here are recommended New Year’s Resolutions from

  1. Involve others in goal setting and planning.
  2. Keep goals in front of yourself and everyone one else.
  3. Communicate more and in more ways.
  4. Talk less, talk later and listen more.
  5. Focus feedback on the future.
  6. Be a model.

Monster goes on to say that “These resolutions remind you that you are not a just business owner thinking about a new customer, profit margin or monthly P & L — you are also a leader. All of these small business tips, when put into practice, will make you a more effective leader and a more successful business owner too.

Like many New Year’s resolutions, this list may seem a bit daunting. Remember that they don’t necessarily require any special skills. They may require a change in mindset and most likely a change in habits. The effort involved is worth it — for you, your team and ultimately your results.” Here is that Monster article.

Business New Daily gives us these (though they are for 2014, many of them still ring true):

  1. Get the most “bang for your technology buck”
  2. Adopt mobile payments
  3. Get closer to customers
  4. Make customer service a priority
  5. Focus on marketing efforts
  6. Revamp social media strategy
  7. Be SEO- and data-savvy
  8. Perform a security audit
  9. Prevent employee fraud
  10. Become more nimble

You can read the full list details here. Among these three lists of resolutions, this one from Business New Daily gives the best actionable details that include things like organizing your inbox – something you should probably consider before you start counting those five golden rings. The actions you take now will bring you closer to your resolve for 2015.

We like the Huffington post list for newbies. This is great advice for small businesses just starting out. We love the Monster list for the way it recommends you involve (even recruit) your employees in goals, planning, and communication (we love our employees).

We wish you the very best for the holidays and 2015!