Juice fasts, especially in the spring and summer are awesome. There is just no way of getting around that. They make you feel good physically and mentally. And they make you feel proud of yourself for being so proactive.

“You find that every part of your body works better, imbalances are rectified, and irritating symptoms get a chance to melt away on their own – all by “switching on” a system that you were born with and that has been patiently waiting to serve you.” – Alejandro Junger, MD

But for many people a juice fast can be inconvenient and intimidating. The thought of having ‘no food’ can be disturbing. A nutritional cleanse is the perfect answer for those who want/need to cleanse and detox their bodies without going hungry.

Laura’s Spring Cleanse at All Wellness is the perfect cleanse for those who really want to make a difference in their lives. Based on the best selling book, Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself, by Dr. Alejandro Junger, the workshop offers the kind of support some of us need to make positive change.

The beauty of the Clean Program is that you can detox and cleanse (and even lose weight) without going hungry. Though the cleanse includes juicing because it gives the body ready access to vitamins and nutrients, it also includes delicious whole foods, which give the body access to joy (if you love food as much as I do).

Here are some reasons why you should do the Clean Program:

  1. Your productivity will go through the roof – You’ll be energized and focused.
  2. Difficult decisions become less complicated – Because your brain will work better, you’ll have more resources with which to solve problems.
  3. You’ll look and feel younger – your skin will glow, your body will feel invigorated.
  4. You’ll have a better time in the bathroom – Seriously, good elimination is the key to good health. Your body will get rid of more junk that you thought possible.
  5. You’ll have a better time in the bedroom – I’ll let you work this one out on your own.
  6. You’ll learn why you eat the way you do – The Cleanse includes some personal reflection that will help you break some bad habits and become a mindful eater.
  7. You will be empowered to make better health decisions in other aspects of your life.

image credit: naturallyengineered.com