Happy New YearHappy Chinese New Year! While this may seem an unusual holiday to celebrate in much of Addison County, we at Vermont Lodging Properties feel the occasion presents plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Like the Hebrew calendar, the Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar, a complex system that uses both lunar and solar cycles to mark time. By most estimates, the year is 4709. “Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 4709!”

It’s the year of the dragon – most auspicious as the dragon is the only mythological creature in the Chinese Zodiac. People born during a particular year are said to share attributes with the animal for whom that year is named. Those born during the year of the dragon are said to be innovative, self-assured, brave, passionate, and quick-tempered. Though I could not find any scientific proof to back this up, I imagine that dragons do have these characteristics.

I love the traditions surrounding this festive holiday: families gather together from afar, people reconcile their differences and forget all grudges, sincere wishes of peace and happiness prevail, and homes are lavishly decorated.

Houses are traditionally adorned with blooming plants – symbolizing growth and prosperity. I encourage Vermonters suffering from seasonal sadness to fully embrace this aspect of the celebration. There are few better cures for seasonal affective disorder than fragrant blooming plants – except perhaps citrus. Citrus essential oils are a popular aromatherapy prescription for the winter blues. Part of the Chinese New Year tradition includes decorating the home with oranges and tangerines. They are considered to be a sign of abundant happiness.

Another great tradition during Chinese New Year is thoroughly cleaning the house: sweep away any bad fortune and make room for good luck in the new year. It is commonly known that cleanliness is next to godliness. Perhaps it is also a cherished characteristic of mythological dragons and their Vermont counterparts?

New Contruction Home, Monkton VermontFor the new year, I want to recommend two Addison County properties – one for its simplicity and utter newness (pictured left) and the other for its many rooms in which to capture good luck (pictured below). Click on each image for full MLS listing details.

This sunny Energy Star home in Monkton features radiant heat throughout with a 91% efficient propane heat. Maple and bamboo hardwood and ceramic tile throughout. This energy efficient country home is clean and elegant, perfect for welcoming the luck this most auspicious year promises.

This Lake Street home in Addison features seven rooms (nice lucky number) in 5361 square feet of living space on 142 acres. A contemporary-style home custom-designed and built in 2007, this Addison home features wood floors, cathedral ceilings, an open kitchen with granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and mahogany cabinetry…And glorious views of the Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountain high peaks to the west.

Contact me for more information about these Addison County properties and for more good news about the new year.