Sonoma Wine Country Bike TourTake one of Sojourn’s California Sonoma Wine Coast Bike Tours, and you’ll get time to reflect on the aroma and finish of your favorite wines as you pedal through California’s sumptuous wine valleys.

Imagine a seductive Pinot Noir. What comes to mind? If you are a wine connoisseur in the U.S., you’ll probably think of California’s Russian River Valley.

Originally attracted to the region in the pursuit of sea otter fur, Russian trappers who settled along the Sonoma Coast in the early 1800’s were ultimately seduced by the rich and fertile soils. They inevitably turned to viticulture. This is not a surprising evolution as the Russian have a deep history of wine making: the Rkatsiteli grape is one of the oldest grape varieties, dating back to 3000 B.C. in Georgia.

The wine here in the Russian River Valley is tempered by the same elements that make this region one of California’s best for bike touring: weather and terrain. The weather is governed by the sea. Evening fog keeps summer temperatures cool and winter temperatures mild. The growing season here is 15-20% longer than that of neighboring Dry Creek and Alexander Valley.

The terrain, shaped millions of years ago by the collision of tectonic plates, supports 15,000 acres of grapevines and more than 100 wineries. Cool climate lovers thrive here. The Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays from the Russian River Valley are prized around the world.

As one Sonoma County vintners describes, “Where most red wines focus on flavor, Pinot Noir is about texture – that sensual, succulent, juicy, fleshy, slides-down-your-throat mouthy feel that is so alluring. It is a textural delight that can only be found where morning river fogs moderate afternoon temperatures so that fruit maturity is achieved without loss of depth and suppleness.”

The textural delight present in the Russian River Valley Pinot is not unlike that found on the road here during a wine country bike tour. From the rolling vineyards to the rugged Pacific coastline, Sojourn’s bike tour guests succumb to the unique terrior of the region – many call it “The trip of a lifetime!

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