Texas Gourmet?

Old school Texas cuisine...

Sojourn bike tours are famous for great routes and good food. In fact some of our bike tours pass through some of the finest ‘foodie’ regions in the country (Sonoma Wine Country, Niagara Wine Country and Vermont among them). For us, Texas has always been on the list of great foodie states; we’re glad that Top Chef finally agrees.

This season’s Top Chef takes place in Texas – San Antonio to be precise. This is where our Texas bike tours begin and end. Like Top Chef, our bike tours attract participants from all over the country. Unlike Top Chef, we’ve always known about the great food in Texas.

Texas gourmet used to mean chicken-fried steak, chili and rib eye. These days Texas cuisine is so much more than fried food, steak, and Tex-Mex. You’ll see what we mean when you dine at Las Canarias, in San Antoni’s Omni La Mansion Del Rio, where the tour spends two nights. A Wine Spectator Award winning restaurant, Las Canarias kicks ‘American’ food up a notch. Take a peak at some of Las Canarias’ dinner offerings:

  • Braised Beef Empanadas
  • Hickory Hot Salmon Nicoise
  • Fennel Seared Rare Tuna
  • Texas Redfish with Grilled Artichoke
Texas gourmet - from our sold out 2011 Texas Bike Tour

The new Texas gourmet scene...a Sojourn dinner!

You’ll have other opportunities on this bike tour to sample great Texas food: a great local chef caters a dinner for us and we do a classic Texas BBQ for one of our lunches. The Hoffman House, one of our terrific hosts in the Texas Hill Country, serves a wonderful home-cooked breakfast delivered in a basket to your door.

Get ready for Sojourn’s Texas Bike Tours and get your gourmet on! Here are some recipes that will get your creative juices flowing:

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