This spring Huffington post did a story about how men with iPhones are more likely to get dates. Tim went out and got an iPad to boost his appeal (we are still waiting). But the tables may be turning on the sexiness of smart phones.

To some, the Smart Phone is the ultimate business communication tool, but to others the trendy device is  more obsession and less bling. Many in the mobile generation depend on their smart phones for information, entertainment, even companionship. As Gen-exers pay more attention to their mobile devices than to their sweethearts, we may see a decline in pregnancies.

The savvy are finding a balance between communication and distraction on their  Smart Phones, this group even includes some public schools. For me, the jury is still out on the use of Smart Phones in schools. In the 1970s they brought televisions into inner city class rooms, so we could boost our spelling skills watching Sesame Street and The Electric Company. All I gained was a life-long infatuation with Morgan Freeman. Not necessarily a bad thing…

In the work place, though, the balance brings prosperity. For one of our clients, Bud Kleppe, a thirty-something Realtor in St. Paul, the Smart Phone underscores his success. “He’s more likely to sell a home… if he responds to client e-mails within 20 minutes and to texts instantly.” (Quoted in Our Mobile Lives on

But no matter where you stand on the Smart Phone debate, if your business is online, it must be visible to mobile devices. Engage your audience where it lives! Even if your audience is “over the hill” (according to a recent Nielsen study, 36% of iPhone users are between the ages of 35 and 54), your site must work with mobile devices.

A recent article published on CNN  says :”Most Americans still don’t have smart phones” and goes on to say that 17% of Americans have smart phones. CNN is a glass half empty organization, I mean imagine if 17% of Americans had solar power, or if 17% of Americans ate only organic food. The resulting impacts would end global climate change!

My favorite bumper sticker of all time is “In case of rapture, this boat will be left without a pilot.” It was on a water taxi in the Bahamas. Mobile visibility for your site isn’t that much more expensive and ensures that your site will not be abandoned during the Smart Phone rapture.