Pilates: fresh as a daisy even in the heat of summerYou can keep your Pilates routine from becoming, well, routine, even when Vermont temperatures soar into the 90s and your thoughts turn to swimming holes and ice cream cones. Here are 7 ways to regain your focus and rejuvenate your Pilates practice:

  1. Get back to basics – If you are an Intermediate or Advanced practitioner, try a beginner class with a different teacher. You’ll get a new perspective. If you are fairly new to Pilates, get permission from the teacher to try out a more advanced Group Reformer class – to get a taste of things to come.
  2. Sign up for a Pilates Private – Even if you have been practicing for years (maybe especially if you have been practicing for years) you can benefit from a one-on-one Pilates private tailored to bring your practice to the next level. In a private, our trained Pilates instructors can help you expand your repertoire and build on your knowledge of Pilates basics. You’ll come back to Group Class with greater awareness and better technique.
  3. Bring a Friend – Fitness with a friend can help you maintain your motivation. It will inspire you by inspiring a friend; and it’s fun!
  4. Take a workshop – Many of our clients recently enjoyed a workshop at All Wellness with Ellie Herman. We learned about the arc barrel, foam roller myofascial techniques, and how to use the ball. It was terrific! Check back here for information on future Pilates workshops.
  5. Try something new – If you’re a Reformer fan, hit the Mat! If you love the mat, try the Reformer! Break out the foam roller. Or try a yoga class, then bring the mindfulness principles of yoga to your Pilates practice. You will be surprised how much Pilates and yoga have in common.
  6. Breathe – Bring your focus to your breathing for an entire class. Learn the difference between lateral and diaphragmatic breath technique and bring that new information and attention to your practice. Every time your concentration strays away from the breath, bring it back and refocus. You will be surprised at how often you have to reign it in.
  7. Read a book – Deepen your practice and your understanding of Pilates with a good book. Ellie Herman has authored many. Among them are: Pilates for Dummies and Pilates Workout on the Ball.

image credit: farmhousecountrystyle.blogspot.com