Spirit Traffic Readings

Jane traveled throughout the US and Canada during the summer of 2022 reading from Spirit Traffic

She is currently available for Book Club and Salon readings of Spirit Traffic around New England

After your club reads Spirit Traffic, Jane will drop by (online or in-person) to discuss the book with your club. Contact Jane and Pre-order the books from her website and get a special Book Club discount.

With a focus on Inspiring Adventure, Jane reads from Spirit Traffic followed by spirited Q&A. Then the fun begins! Guests are invited to share their own stories of adventure (Moth-Style, 5 minutes without notes) on the theme “Adventure as I See It.” She has shared salon readings across North America at bookstores, conferences, libraries, cafes, bike shops, book clubs, and in people’s homes. Her story and those of guests could be the spark that ignites someone’s next great experience.

Do you want to host a book club or salon reading?  Contact Jane to make it happen.

See you on the road.

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