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The use of tools distinguishes us from the lower primates. Proper use of the following tools will distinguish your website from Lucy and the Missing Link:

Language – Even as technology evolves daily, appropriate content development and good blogging still depend on language. Your site content and your blog posts must provide your audience with useful, educational, interesting information that will keep them coming back to you, their subject matter expert.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is how the search engines will find that content. Search Engines look at pages in a particular way. I make sure  your site is optimized so that they can see what you have to offer.

WordPress – This is the most powerful tool for connecting with your audience. It is user-friendly and it reaches out to search engines in a way that other online environments only dream of (and it’s free).

Google Analytics – In short, Google Analytics provides actionable data (and it’s free). In order to best meet the needs of your website visitors, you must know what makes them happy, what turns them on. Google Analytics tracks  what your visitors do on your site. We can see what keywords they use to find you, how long they stay on any particular page, where they are from, we can determine which content engages them most.

Liberal Arts Degree – Finally, I’m using my degree! Thanks, Mom.

Wit – Brevity is my soul.

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