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Professional Services

reflectionOutsourced writing, career communications (resumes, LinkedIn profiles, bios), content development, and blogging that reflects your goals and personality.

Online marketing can be daunting for the faint of heart. Writing can be scary to those who are more focused on their own products and services. I am not afraid, I’ll be your advocate.

LinkedIn and Résumé Writing – If you are not adept at tooting your own horn, you’re not alone, but you need not present yourself as a list of jobs. I will enliven your LinkedIn profile and help you develop a more meaningful résumé to better reflect who you are, which will ultimately lead you to employment that is more in keeping with the content of your character.

Blogging – I will blog for you on topics of your choosing. According to Hubspot (the nation’s leading online market experts), companies that blog have more consistent sales. Traffic to my client sites increases by 30% – 50% when I start blogging for them.

Blog Coaching – Not sure if your writing has the strength to do what needs to be done? Send me your posts and I’ll edit and optimize them for you. I’ll make sure they have what it takes.

Content Development – I’ll develop content based on your business goals and your client needs. Together, through appropriate content development and timely,  relevant blogging, we will build your audience the old-fashioned way, we’ll earn it…with compelling content.