Puroclean, the “paramedics of property damage,” is known for its rapid response to residential and commercial property damage in Vermont. Though they do fire damage repair and mold remediation, this year Puroclean is all about helping Vermonters recover from water damage. Spring floods brought federal disaster declarations, Hurricane Irene brought 9 inches of rain in a single day, and Tropical Storm Lee hampered flood relief efforts with even more rain. Vermonters have seen more water damage this year than in recorded history.

I volunteered for flood relief in Waterbury last weekend and got a better sense of what Puroclean is really about. As we drove down Main Street in Waterbury, I noticed Puroclean vans in many of the driveways we passed and I saw a little kid on the sidewalk. He was entertaining himself with a toy balloon he’d made out of a rubber glove (the kind worn by all the flood clean up volunteers). Behind him, dozens of people were working together, ‘side by each’ (as they say).

Now I know that the Puroclean guys were not volunteers, but were on the job. But I also know that Puroclean is involved in the community in everything from the Food Shelf to the Fourth of July. Like so many Vermonters, Puroclean knows how to lend a helping hand – even if that hand is in a crazy looking rubber glove. Here are some great ways you can get your hands into those funny gloves, Volunteer:

glove image credit: www.uvps.com