As a yoga studio, Evolution is predisposed to recommend that couple’s yoga is the secret to a great relationship. It could very well be true.

Chocolate releases endorphins; yoga releases endorphins. We all know that chocolate is the secret to a good Valentine’s Day date. And yoga will certainly give your Valentine’s Day chances a boost. Happy endorphins in the right, romantic lighting can lead to and evening of blissful…Okay you see where we’re goin’ with this.

John McConnell and I will lead the Valentine’s Day Couple’s Yoga workshop. Our friends used to call us the Proto-Couple. We practice yoga together, we cook together, we kayak together. We do so many things together that we have started to look alike. Sort of.

One of the great things we do together is assist our yoga teacher and mentor Ann Greene at her Partner Yoga for Couples at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. We do this twice a year (February and August) and have done it for six years now. This is a transformative three-day workshop for couples. As a fly on the wall (aka: assistant with yoga blocks and straps and blankets) in this workshop, I have witnessed some exquisitely beautiful love shining in the eyes of these couples.

This workshop shows a pretty high level of dedication to the practice and to the relationship (for us and for workshop participants) as it takes place during SUPER BOWL weekend! There are no televisions at Kripalu; there is no beer.

You and your sweetheart don’t have to make that ultimate sacrifice. If you take the Valentine’s Day class here at Evolution, you can have Couples Yoga and the Super Bowl. Our class is only an hour and a half – a much smaller commitment than the whole of Super Bowl weekend.

Share some yoga with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day at Evolution here in Burlington; it can lead to some sweet laughs and blissful…wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Thursday, February 14th 7:30-9pm

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