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Meet the New Boss; Same as The Old Boss: Content is still King

meet the new bossThis morning, a friend forwarded to me an article about the death of SEO as we know it. The article cites Social Media as the ultimate referral source. I would not disagree.

There is, however, a precarious balance that must be struck. Simply being social is not the goal. In fact, a recent global survey conducted by a London-based non-profit research firm suggests that social media may not be best place for big brands.

According to the Guardian “Almost two-thirds of Britons do not want to be bothered by big-name brands on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, according to a survey.”

At the end of the day, authenticity is what counts most. The message is still more significant than the messenger. Content still reigns supreme. Good, informative content is the only thing that can cut through the noise. Another note-worthy Brit summed it up very succinctly some time ago: “Meet the New Boss; Same as the Old Boss.”


  1. I might be totally dating myself, but this still thrills me:
    Looks like RD is wearing one of my favorite shirts from 5th grade…

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    • Thanks Dinah. The theme is called Aggregate.

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