You are getting married in Vermont. You’ve carefully chosen your wedding venue for the aesthetics that will set the stage for your wonderful day. You’ve arranged for the flowers and the food. Now you need your wedding photographer. Grandma has finally mastered her new digital camera, but this is no day for “snap shots.” Choose your wedding photographer with care. Sorry, Grandma.

Photographers Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson of Ember Photography have a yen for beauty and spectacle. They ski, snowshoe, pedal, hike, climb trees, bushwhack, surf, kayak, run to the ultimate photo shot. From the high Arctic to the Andes to Vermont, Brian and Emily live by the play of natural light. They are on the road four months out of the year on photo shoots for Patagonia, Outside Magazine, Backcountry Magazine, and others.

But you’re looking for a wedding photographer, why should you care about these adventure junkies? Three reasons: they are incredible photographers, they spend their summers at home in Vermont and New England, and they love weddings!

In a recent phone interview, Brian got a little emotional about the weddings he and Emily have photographed. “We feel so lucky to travel to such beautiful parts of Vermont to capture a celebration of love…It’s hard not to get too emotional, but this is the essence of what’s going on…There is so much beauty and love, it definitely hits.” See what I mean?

Brian and Emily photograph weddings as a team. As business partners and husband and wife they have worked out a system of signals that simultaneously mean “This is so beautiful, my heart aches,” and  “I love you,” and “Get back to work.” They silently cue each other from opposites sides of the wedding venue. They have learned to find a balance between getting swept away by emotion and maintaining their professional objectivity so they can perfectly capture the essence on YOUR  perfect day.

You’ll want to hire Brian and Emily for their artistry and lightning-fast reflexes. Years of adventure photography has taught them how to handle extreme weather and unexpected situations. They will catch the action and fleeting moments more traditional wedding photographers might miss.

Their work outdoors has also taught them to cultivate the beauty of natural light and push it to its limit. Natural light photography has a quality and authenticity that is not repeatable under artificial light.  Natural light produces the best flesh tones and the greatest depth of detail in the environs. Of course, Brian and Emily are great at flash photography, but natural light is their preference. “People just look better in natural light.” You can be sure they will put YOU in your best light.

Good. We’ve got emotion, talent, lightning-fast reflexes, and great lighting. Without a plan, the combo adds up to a James Bond movie. The element that brings it all together is the PLAN. Emily and Brian meet with the wedding couple ahead of time to make a plan. Even the idea of the plan helps the wedding couple understand the flow of the day in ways they may not have considered before. It can relive some stress and make room for more creativity.

Having a great plan makes it all work. This is the biggest reason you’ll hire Emily and Brian for your wedding photos: they know how to make it all work.