This blog has primarily featured my insights about the joys of living in Addison County Vermont. This week I’d like to highlight a new reason why you should list your property with me. Yes, my depth of local knowledge is great and my client-base is loyal, but I am gaining a much wider audience by learning to say “Welcome to Vermont” in five different languages.

Though I did attend Middlebury College, famous for its language immersion programs, I am referring instead to my membership in FIABCI – Fédération Internationale des Administrateurs de Biens Conseils et Agents Immobiliers (that’s the International Real Estate Federation to you and me). The FIABCI is a federation of 100 national real estate associations and is comprised of real estate professionals from 60 countries. It has five official languages: English French German Japanese and Spanish.

Now, when you list your Vermont property with me, it will be exposed to a global real estate network promoting cooperation since 1945.

FIABCI is a non-political entity whose objective is to help its members add an international dimension to their businesses. FIABCI helps members acquire knowledge, develop networks and optimise business opportunities all over the world.

Welcome to Vermont
Bienvenue vers le Vermont
Willkommen nach Vermont
Recepción a Vermont

Yes. You’re right. My Japanese really needs some work.

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