Pilates Reformer - Group Pilates ClassesIn 2011 Vermont was named the healthiest state in the nation for a fifth straight year. This ranking, given by the United Health Foundation, is based on things like a high rate of high school graduation and low incidence of infectious disease, but for people in Burlington there’s more to it than that. Many of us in Vermont break it down to one common denominator: fitness.

Burlington, specifically All Wellness, has what it takes to keep a body fit for the long term. The American College of Sports Medicine recently asked 2,600 fitness professionals to rank their favorite top fitness trends for 2012. The fitness classes at All Wellness provide nine out of the top ten.

  1. Patient Referrals – The physical therapists at All Wellness work in concert with primary care physicians to ensure that patients have the tools they need to achieve happier lives and greater health.
  2. Wellness Coaching – All Wellness owner, Laura Savard a nutrition counselor and graduate of the health coaching program at Institute for Integrative Nutrition, offers nutrition-focused workshops throughout the year.
  3. Spinning – Learn more about Samuel Lurie’s indoor cycling classes at All Wellness. There is no membership fee for spinning at All Wellness.
  4. Promoting Health at the Office – The Pilates programs and many of the mindful fitness classes offered here help you incorporate wellness techniques into all aspects of  your life, including the office.
  5. Yoga – You’ll find Katonah Yoga on Wednesdays and Fridays at All Wellness. Check the schedule for more classes and times.
  6. Zumba – Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:15. Try it. It is too good to miss.
  7. Group Personal Training – Group Pilates Reformer classes are offered every day except Sunday. Learn more about the benefits of exercising with friends. And Schedule your session online.
  8. Personal Training – Individual Pilates classes are where it all starts. In three private classes, you’ll learn to move more mindfully and be ready to graduate to Group Reformer Classes.
  9. Mindful Eating – The Group Cleanse that Laura leads in the spring can change the way you think about food for your lifetime. The Eat Better-Live Better-Fell Better health workshop she is teaching this winter promises to do the same.

The number ten favorite fitness trend predicted for 2012 was Outdoor Activities. It is cold out there…after you take care of those on your own, you’ll want to come inside for something warm, like Pilates or Zumba.