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Bhakti Yoga and Irving Berlin

A few weeks ago I was away at a three-day Bhakti Yoga workshop in Massachusetts. I did not know anything about Bhakti, but the workshop was one of my old man‘s 500-hour yoga teacher requirements and I did not want to stay home alone this weekend, so off I went!

As it turns our Bhakti yoga is all about Love. And not necessarily the California-style-peace-love-and-granola-hippy-lovedbeads-tofu-tree-hugging kind of love or the steamy-between-the-sheets-ooh-la-vache kind of love. It’s the Capital L kind of love. It is the Love that is our very nature. It is the Love that exists in baby lambs and yellow crocuses hidden under the snow right now.

There are several kinds of Bhakti, called bhavas. Wikipedia lists a few:

  1. Santa, placid love for God;
  2. dasya, the attitude of a servant;
  3. sakhya, the attitude of a friend;
  4. vatsalya, the attitude of a mother towards her child
  5. madhura, the attitude of a woman towards her lover.

Our Bhakti yoga teacher at the retreat, William Mahony, suggested a few more including love for animals. I found this great definition online: “The trees, flowers, fire, earth, water, sky, sun, moon, stars, animals, birds, mountains, rivers, oceans, human beings constitute the body of the Lord. You should bow to them all without distinction. You should regard them as God Himself.” (Swami Sivananda

One of the students at this retreat had an amazing practice of Vatsalya Bhakti. He and his two teenaged daughters keep contact with one another by text. They play a kind of game wherein he asks his girls how their days are going. One of them invariably answers “It’s a lovely day today.” This is in reference to a song from the 1940’s by Irving Berlin. The song portrays perfectly the delight this family finds in one another. They all have busy lives, but their song keeps them close and keeps the Vatsalya Bhakti alive and well.

I used to believe that the purpose of yoga was to still the mind (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra #2 – Yoga citta vrtti nirodha, yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.) Now I’m pretty sure it’s all about seeing love in yourself and others. It is a lovely day today.








  1. Love this! I laughed out loud at your 3 categories of love. Feel like I learned something new about Bhakti today. Gone be a lovely day. (When I quote Irving Berlin it just comes out as bill withers!

    • Bill Withers has the same problem quoting Irving Berlin!

      Thanks, Colin.

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