In Vermont in winter we can get away with carrying a few extra pounds here and there under our heavy wool clothes and down jackets. A recent trip to the coast made me realize how much we cover up here in VT. Some of the bikinis I saw recently were smaller than imaginable. And yet some of the bodies in those bikinis were bigger than I imagined ever fitting into such skimpy swimwear.

It was not so much the number of ‘bikini’ bodies that impressed me at the coast as the number of people with the ‘bikini’ mindset. Zen Mind, Bikini Mind (or maybe Buddha Body, Bikini mind is more appropriate?). I noticed a certain prevailing confident body image among the many different shapes of salty bathers that made me feel good about my own physique.

This is one of the great side benefits of having a regular physical practice. Pilates, Zumba, and yoga are all terrific candidates for improving your waistline, but even more importantly, they are great at making you feel good about the body you have. Pilates, Zumba, and yoga not only help you take care of your body, they also help you appreciate it.

This kind of self-care results from the classes and programs at All Wellness. At All Wellness, you will learn to love the skin you are in! Really. Here are a few examples:

  • Zumba helps you shed pounds and increase your overall cardio-vascular health, as it helps you build a confident body image
  • Pilates helps you keep a trim waist and a fluid spine, as it helps you move mindfully and even makes you feel elegant
  • Nutritional counseling and nutritional cleanses can empower you to nurture yourself eating well – you will feel amazing

So much of marketing (especially women’s magazines) strives to make you feel bad about yourself so you’ll make that self-improvement purchase that will somehow change your life, it is indeed a relief to be empowered to feel good.

If you have never taken a class or enjoyed a program at All Wellness, it’s a good time to start. There is still time to feel great this summer.

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