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About Me

C. Jane Taylor I am a freelance writer who specializes in language and persuasion. I write resumes, LinkedIn profiles, bios, blog posts, dating profiles, and online content. I’m also writing a book about the epic motorcycle trip I took across country.

The resumes I write do not just help my clients get better jobs, they help them see, understand, and when I’m lucky, execute their skills and talents in new ways.

As a blogger and online writer, my daily activities include self-directed, time-bound research and persuasive writing. The weekly posts I write for my clients are individual fundraising campaigns bringing in business and leads.

Each article I write is based on data, popular online searches and client needs. I use phrases that bring in the most engaged website visitors, those who are most likely to become my clients’ customers.

Here is what Seven Days Vermont just wrote about me in the independent weekly paper.

And, yes, I love motorcycling, camping and kayaking with whales…